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Welsh Rarebit Day

COLLIER’S Powerful Welsh Cheddar has labelled Monday January 20th 2014 – widely accepted to be the most depressing day of the year – as “National Welsh Rarebit Day” and is urging everyone to lift their spirits by tucking into one of the fastest and most satisfying comfort foods there is – a Welsh Rarebit.

The third Monday in January is thought to be the most depressing day of the year due to a combination of bad weather, unpaid Christmas bills, short daylight hours and broken resolutions.

“Blue Monday” has evolved from an idea originally conceived by psychologist Cliff Arnall, formerly of Cardiff University, who created a mathematical formula to identify a number of the elements contributing to a general feeling of mid winter blues.

National Welsh Rarebit Day is a lighthearted attempt to brighten a drab day and have a bit of fun, while having something delicious to eat.

You can try our delicious Welsh Rarebit recipes from our recipe pages and you can get involved on Facebook and Twitter as we celebrate UK National Welsh Rarebit Day

Classic Welsh Rarebit

Welsh Rarebit with Bacon and Laverbread

About Welsh Rarebit:

Welsh rarebit is made with a savoury sauce of melted cheese and various other ingredients and served hot on toast. Welsh rarebit is typically made with Cheddar and may include ale, mustard, and Worcestershire sauce amongst other things.

The first recorded use of the term Welsh rabbit was in 1725, but the origin of the term is unknown. It may be an ironic name coined in the days when the Welsh were notoriously poor: only better-off people could afford butcher’s meat, and while in England rabbit was the poor man’s meat, in Wales the poor man’s meat was cheese.

It is also possible that the dish was attributed to Wales because the Welsh were considered particularly fond of cheese, as evidenced by Andrew Boorde in his Fyrst Boke of the Introduction of Knowledge (1542), when he wrote “I am a Welshman, I do love cause boby, good roasted cheese.” In Boorde’s account, “cause boby” is the Welsh caws pobi, meaning “baked cheese”. It is the earliest known reference to cheese being eaten cooked in the British Isles but whether it implies a recipe like Welsh rarebit is a matter of speculation.

The term Welsh rarebit is evidently a later corruption of Welsh rabbit, being first recorded in 1785 by Francis Grose. According to the Oxford English Dictionary, ‘Welsh rarebit’ is an “etymologizing alteration. There is no evidence of the independent use of rarebit”.

Written by The Collier's Miner

  1. Colliers really is the best tasting strong cheese with it’s own unique flavour,straight from the Welsh valleys!!

  2. I’m hooked on Colliers Cheese, all the way in Atlanta, Georgia USA
    I came upon it by accident, in the cheese section of Krogers’ grocery store.
    Since my great- grandfather is a Winn, it is highly possible that he was Welsh not Irish, or a Welshman transported to Ireland, (All my information looks as though he was Irish, but the doubt remains. ) I decided Colliers Cheddar is the right cheese for me, a possible Welsh lassie. I also like that it is suitable for vegetarians. I don’t like animal rennet.

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